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Great Trainer!

I am taking their Basic Obedience Package – 4 1 on 1 training sessions to get your dog able to be outdoors and off leash. He is very clear about what he is doing and why. He also makes sure you understand how to properly work with your pup before you leave. I recommend this group to all my friends looking for dog obedience classes.


Leah Matczak  //  Verified Google Review

They are amazing.

We’re able to bring our dog on family excursions (camping and long distance trips) with 100% confidence in his behavior. Super personable with way over the top updates during the process, which I was pleasantly surprised about. My wife called the trainer about something afterwards at 9:30PM and she called her right back. The handoff was just amazing and I would’ve never expected it to be so good. Every turn they surprised me with performance and customer service. I was uncertain about paying everything upfront weeks in advance of our scheduled training dates, but I seriously can’t give them my money fast enough now. Please take my money! We can’t get our second dog in quick enough. (They’re soo good they’re booked 8-10 weeks out)


Ethan Stykemain  // Verified Google Review

The trainer was very professional, and an awesome trainer to work with!

Me and my wife Lindsay started training our dog hoping he could teach us to live with our out of control GSD/ Pit mix Lexi. Everyday seemed like a stressful day, and it wasn’t enjoyable to have a dog that doesn’t listen.

The trainer was very professional, and an awesome trainer to work with. From the first ten minutes of the private session, I great weight was lifted off our back when we saw how he handled Lexi. At the end of our 4th session we had a completely new dog. She comes when called at the first attempt, walks on a leash without pulling, can Place on pretty much any object she fits on, and stays on Place and Down for sometimes an hour or more.

Having a dog has become an enjoyable experience, and OffLeash K-9 has helped us learn to communicate with our girl, and make us all closer as a family. 

Ethan Ray  // Verified Google Review

Our trainer was very knowledgeable and made us feel at ease about the process!

My boyfriend and I felt that we couldn’t control our dog, Grizz, and were at the end of our rope. Treats stopped working and nothing would stand in the way of Grizz when he because focused on something. He was very reactive and anxious and almost unbearable to take for a walk since he would yank and bark aggressively the whole time, especially when another dog would walk by. 

Grizz had also nipped at a neighbor that reached over our fence and nipped at another person while on a walk. We did some research and found Off-Leash K9 Toledo and I’m sure glad we did! The trainer reached out to us when we inquired about the 2 week board and train. The trainer listened to our frustrations with Grizz and what we would like to be improved. 

The experience for the 2 week board and train was nothing short of amazing! We would be contacted everyday with messages, videos, and pictures of Grizz. He looked so happy and made drastic improvements! The trainers were awesome and responded quickly whenever we had a question! They even continued to contact us and answer any questions we had after the training was over. It’s been an adjustment since Grizz has been back home and frustrating at times, but Off Leash K9 continues to go the extra mile and offer to meet up with us whenever/wherever for refreshers!

Emily Andres  // Verified Google Review

We highly recommend.

Our training went very well and our fears of how the collar might ‘change’ our dog’s personality were unfounded. We’ve gone from having an energetic, unruly pup that walked us to one we can let off leash for a quick game of fetch almost anywhere. 

Mike Wilkinson  // Verified Google Review

I couldn't be happier with my experience and I cannot wait to set up more lessons in the future!

Over the last 8 weeks I have had the most amazing experience with Off Leash. I adopted my two year old male pitbull Carlos almost two years ago. He was abused by his previous owner and had a really rough life prior to me rescuing him. His past traumas cause him severe anxiety and fear aggression. Carlos is a very powerful and strong willed dog. I had no idea how to control him and after taking him to basic obedience classes and other local trainers, I was not satisfied as they could not “fix” him and I was left feeling hopeless.

Fast forward several weeks and I can’t even believe Carlos and I have made the amount of progress we have. Most importantly he LISTENS. After we learned the basic commands that we needed to during the first four lessons, we started working in public so I can learn how to have control of him in situations where he is around his triggers, which I would try to avoid all together in the past. Terrance would walk me through what I needed to do after every lesson, correct me immediately if I was doing something incorrect, and was extremely responsive if I had questions at home. I am no longer anxious when I have people over or take him in public. The ecollar has given both my dog and myself so much confidence. Off Leash has given me the foundation I needed to have better control over my dog.

Sam Zbikowski  // Verified Google Review

Our experience was fantastic.

Our experience was fantastic. Our puppy needed some serious manners. Our trainers were easy to work with, very communicative and fast to follow up. They are knowledgeable, great trainers and really do care that we have a well behaved dog. He has been so patient with our thousand questions and even encouraged more! I recommend this training program to anyone that owns a dog.

Brent Holding  // Verified Google Review

We will definitely be back for another class and recommend this program.

Our trainer was excellent with Oliver. He really loves his job and helped us with the skills needed to enjoy Oliver at home and on vacation. We will definitely be back for another class and recommend this program.

Susan Klein  // Verified Google Review
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