Michelle trained my 2 year old german shepherd Nala during a two week board and train program in June of 2016. Everyone had always told me to be cautious about such programs because “the dog trains to them and won’t listen to you once you bring them home.” If anyone has told you that, they’re simply wrong.

Michelle did such an amazing job with Nala that essentially from the 3 hour hand-off session onward, Nala has been the most well behaved dog I have ever had the privilege of knowing, let alone owning myself. I have worked with Nala nearly every day since, typically between 10-20 minutes per day, sometimes more. While Michelle advocates for doing consistent training for two weeks after your pickup, Nala and I have continued, learning new tricks and just using the training as a way to get energy out and do something fun together each afternoon.

Just recently Nala and I completed our evaluation and approval to become a therapy dog/handler team through Therapy Dogs International, the foremost therapy dog program in the country. Their test is especially difficult to pass, and realistically Nala came home from Michelle nearly ready to take the test. A few additional weeks of work and she did amazingly.

I love showing Nala off and look forward to being able to volunteer with her all around the country. Michelle and Off-Leash K9 Toledo aren’t cheap, but for what you get it may be the best money you will ever spend.
-Alex Karcher

I’m on my second week of the basic obedience class. Dylan is great. Michelle is great to communicate with. They have taught me so much this far. I wanted to do the 2 week but it wasn’t in my budget so I went with the basic obedience class plus I wanted the bond with my dog that training my self has created. I still have 2 more to go. I trained my labs in the past with decent results but this has pushed me beyond what I thought I knew. I wish I could of done the 2 week program knowing that my pitbull would be a well behaved dog but I’m able to spend a lot of time with my dog. This is well spent money. The 2 weeks alone has made my dog great. You can and will learn a lot. After my next 2 lessons I’m sure I’ll go on and push for more advanced classes and make my dog be the best it can be with the help of Dylan and Michelle. I highly recommend them.

Update for the second half of my training.
WOW is all i can say. the “heal” and “place” commands are money well spent all on its own. I love being able to show people what my puppy can do. When training at the park people will just sit and watch in amazement while going through the commands. when they ask what kind of dog it is they don’t believe its a pitbull. I love being able to show people what the right care and training can do for any dog. he was becoming a wild dog that was nuts, like seriously insane nuts!!! I thought it was just the type of high energy dog but I discovered he was just bored and wanted to learn. I spent a lot of time burning off his energy and 10 minuets later he was ready to go again. after training he just wants to chill and watch whats going on around him until hes out. Now when he he gets crazy I know he has the energy to train so ill work with him for a little bit then its cuddles time and good night. I feel confident in public and going to dog parks knowing i have the control I need. He still being worked and hes getting better every day. best money I ever spent.

Thank you Dylan and Michelle.
-Mike R

I wanted to just take a few minutes to say how much my husband and I truly appreciated all the hard work Michelle put forth with our two Boston Terriers, Sammy and Rosie. They have been a handful ever since we got them and we were really struggling to teach them to be more obedient. After each doing the board and train they are truly different dogs!! They still have their lovable personalities but they listen so much better and are getting better and better each day with their commands. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is in need of some intensive training with their dog. Michelle has been so great about making us feel at ease through the process and she is always so willing to answer any questions we have had. This is a top notch program with a truly exceptional trainer!!
-Delia Perry

I sent my German Shepherd Simba to Michele for the 2 week board and train back in November. I wanted to wait to give my review to see how well the training lasted with just me and him. I can honestly say that Simba came home the same happy go lucky dog that I had before the training, but he is so much better behaved. He focuses on me more and while he is still crazy at times, it is much easier to get him under control. I was hesitant to spend the money and go without my baby for 2 weeks, but I definitely recommend it to anyone who is on the fence about it. Michele was wonderful while she had Simba. I got texts, videos, and pictures at least every other day and she always responded very quickly when I texted her. I have since contacted her about a couple of questions about his training and she again responded very quickly. Before his training, if he got off his leash, he would just run around and completely ignore me. After the training, while I was being taught the commands, Simba was on a leash but it just dragged behind him pretty much the entire time. Any time he got distracted or went to wander, all it took was saying his name or “come” and he came right back to us. I am so happy that I sent Simba to her for training. After almost 2 months, Simba is still listening to me and still remembers his training! Simba and I are both much happier now because of it!! Thank you soooo much Michele!!
-Katie Kearns

Michelle did her two week training program with mastiff/pitbull Dexter about 2 1/2 months ago. I like to wait to write reviews. My dog had before training been super excitable and didn’t listen at all. He is now doing very well and even when I had some problems with him after training (not Michelle’s fault) she came to my house and helped me to make sure I was doing all of his commands properly!! He is now a lot better than I could have if ever imagined. I am very happy/thankful that I took him to Michelle or training. Before training my dog had broken all my shades and 5 windows, in the past 2 1/2 months all shades new and in tack and not a broken window! I can have company over with out him knocking them down, if I didn’t know for sure that this was my dog I would thing she switched him with another lol. But yes I would definetly recommend the two week board and train program and if I ever get another dog I will already have to have a date set up with her for when my pup would go !! Thank you Michelle or trianing Dexter and all your help after!!
-Courtney Coffman

Michelle does an excellent job with training and I highly recommend the investment in the board and train. I had a very difficult 1 year old Cane Corso and she had been through several other puppy and dog training programs with not significant improvement. She continued to exhibit all of the bad dog behavior possible but after only 2 weeks with Michelle, she is a well behaved and finally a perfect addition to our family. My only complaint is that I did not find Off Leash K9 Training-Toledo sooner.
– Kimberly Reyes Knox

Well, I picked up Dakota yesterday from Michelle, I am truly amazed at the work she did with him in 2 weeks. Dakota is a 1 year 3 month old English springer spaniel who has never come back to me when I call him off leash, went after cars, bikes, and other dogs. I worked with him today in a huge fenced in dog park and after working with him on leash for about 10 minutes I was comfortable enough to take him off leash and we worked for an hour off leash. On the way there and back he walked the whole way in the heal position, stayed by my side the whole time, did not react to the passing cars at all. I am amazed how he listened and did his commands with me, I could not be happier, now it’s up to me to continue her work. Michelle truly is a miracle worker, we have a 3 1/2 month old English springer spaniel Bailey, and he will be going to work with Michelle also. I highly recommend sending your K9 kids to Michelle, she takes really good care of them and treats them like they are her own. You will be AMAZED by the results.
-Mark Fahrney

Michelle and Dylan trained our 5 month old American Bulldog, Lola, at their 2 week board and train program during the Thanksgiving holiday. We just completed our 3 hour hand-off session with Dylan and we were very pleasantly surprised with Lola’s progress. Dylan also did Lola’s puppy class. He is excellent at explaining the training procedures very clearly. During the time we were waiting for Lola to be old enough for her board and train, we had some puppy behavior issues and Michelle helped me via the phone and emails. I appreciated her guidance tremendously!
While Lola was away at her board and train, Michelle sent us photos and videos of her progress. Michelle had such a wonderful demeanor with Lola, so upbeat and friendly!
My husband and I are looking forward to doing the exercises with Lola. We already see an improvement in her behavior. She is not whining when I put her in her crate anymore. It has been very important to us that Lola be trained so she can be included in all our family functions. She is just like a child for us.
We would like to thank Michelle and Dylan for all their hard work and being so accessible for my husband and I. Looking forward to letting you know how Lola is progressing!
-Linda Cox

Off Leash K9 Training Toledo helped us with our two-year-old rescue dog named Oliver. He was passed around to different homes before we found hIm wandering around homeless. His neglect resulted in anxiety, fixation and aggression. He did not now how to live in a home although he loves all people and other dogs. Although he was disruptive in our home with our two dogs and two cats, we wanted to help him find a home. We knew he would not fit in anywhere, so we sought out the best training solution we could find. After talking to Michelle, I had hope for Oliver. I signed up for the Basic Obedience Package which teaches Come, Sit, Down and Walking on a Leash. Gradually we realized that with more intense training, we would be able to integrate Oliver into our family permanently. Oliver went to the Off Leash K9 Board and Train and came out of the program a model citizen. He loves to train and show off his skills Off Leash. Thanks Off Leash K9 Training!
-Andrea Clarkson

Dylan and Michelle, Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did with Board and Train for Haley our 20 month Mastiff/Pit Mix. She Had such high anxiety and energy she was nearly impossible to control. The two week board and train has already made such a difference. You care and concern during intake and the outstanding handoff are so wonderful. I look forward to continuing the training at home and continued contact as well during the upcoming refresher courses. True Dog Lovers. You can not go wrong with them.
-Dettleff Olson

Our 7 month old pit mix Daisy had both a Puppy Consultation and then Basic Obedience lessons with Dylan and Michelle. She was very stubborn and hard to get to focus on commands, not to mention her leash walking skills were non-existent. I was AMAZED at how quickly she was able to pick up on commands, and Dylan and Michelle were always available if I had any concerns/ questions in between lessons. I can now walk Daisy using the “heel” command and have no concerns taking her out in public. I can also “place” her or put her in a “down” position if I need to keep an eye on her. I cannot speak highly enough about Off Leash Training. It’s given both Daisy and I the confidence and skills to better work with each other, and we have a better bond because of it. Thank you again Dylan and Michelle!
-Jordan Talbert

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